Architecture, Structures and Construction

Prof. Paulo Cruz is Editor-in-chief of the Journal Architecture, Structures and Construction. Published by Springer Nature. Electronic ISSN: 2730-9894. Print ISSN: 2730-9886.

The Journal Architecture, Structures and Construction provides a hitherto nonexistent platform for nurturing the synergy of the disciplines of architecture, building and structural engineering. The scope of the journal encompasses, but is not restricted to, all major aspects of architecture, structures and construction, including acoustics, additive manufacturing and construction, advance building futures, analysis and observation of structures, architectural design, borderline between architecture and engineering, bridge design, building control systems, building envelopes and facades, building information modelling (BIM), building installations and systems, building materials, building pathology, building physics, building technology, construction automation and robotics, construction management, construction trends, digital fabrication development and implementation, energy, solar and lighting efficiency, fire safety, form finding, topology and structural morphology, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, history and theory of architecture, innovative architectural and structural design, inspection and maintenance, life cycle assessment, new materials, rehabilitation and strengthening of structures, resilient buildings, special structures, structural analysis and design, structural design challenges, structural systems, sustainable buildings, tectonic of architectural solutions, testing and certification of building products and more.





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